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The Electricity program at Putnam Vocational Academy is designed to teach you the modern electrical theory critical to understanding the science of electrical power transmission and distribution, the safety requirements involved in working in this field via hundreds of hours of real world, hands-on training and experience in the use of electrician’s tools, devices, and meters and how the NEC and MEC governs this technology.  

The Electricity program prepares students for entry level positions in the electrical field. Graduates from this program will be skilled in the installation and maintenance of various residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems. All State of Massachusetts electrical licensing educational requirements are met or exceeded in this program.  Students are supplied with the tools and equipment necessary to properly complete the hands-on portion of the program, and computers and reference material to aid in their related theory education.   

Educational Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the Electricity program, graduates are expected to:
• Practice the electrical skills of the profession in a conscientious, responsible, and accountable manner while recognizing the need to continue to expand their technical knowledge and skills
• Communicate effectively and listen and respond appropriately to a variety of residential, commercial and industrial electrical situations.
• Think critically and use their acquired analytical skills to solve problems encountered in a residential, commercial or industrial electrical environment.

Career Opportunities
Graduates will find employment as entry level Construction Electricians, Maintenance Electricians, Electrical/Instrumentation Technicians, and in other positions that require familiarity with electrical equipment and devices and their uses. 

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