The Criminal Justice shop here at Putnam Academy is an introduction to the inner workings of the three significant criminal justice functions in the United States – Law Enforcement, Court Systems and Corrections. The course will give the students an overview of policing in America, the historical development of policing internationally and locally and the implementation of community-based policing and criminal investigations.

The program will focus on the realities of law enforcement and the apprehension of criminals at the federal, state and local level. This course will also discuss and explain the prosecution, disposition and incarceration of those suspected of committing criminal offenses.

During the year, an emphasis will be placed on developing reading, writing and interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. The ability of the students to deal with stress and interact with people in various settings will be emphasized as well. Students will learn the value of honesty and integrity as it relates to working in law enforcement. Additionally, students will participate in physical fitness training daily to ensure they are up to the physical demands of the many careers in Criminal Justice.

Throughout the year, students will interact with members of law enforcement, corrections and the court system and they will be able to learn from their experiences. Use of video, audio and slide presentations will expose students to the realities of law enforcement.

Students will earn a certification in CPR and First Aid in this program.



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Department Head

Instructor (9th, 10th)