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Metal Fabrication: Video

The Metal Fabrication after dark program is designed around the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Educations’ vocational technical education framework.

The program has been designed to start in the junior year of a student’s high school career and runs for two years. It is built for those interested in pursuing the fascinating career of working with a variety of metals and gaining the knowledge and ability to measure, layout and join them to create a useful product or even as a hobby, to express one’s artistic self.

Experience in this trade can lead to a wide range of jobs options, some includes, Welders, Sheet metal workers, Structural metal fabricators and fitters, Materials Engineer, Custom bike builders, Pipe welders, Iron workers and Welding Instructors to name a few. Upon completion of the two-year program students should feel confident in applying for any entry level positions in the Metal Fabrication and Welding field or continue their studies and training at a technical college or University.

Metal Fabrication: Our Mission
Metal Fabrication: Video Player
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