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Our mission is to provide a world class academic and technical education that will prepare all students for post-secondary success in the global marketplace.  Putnam graduates will continue to be lifelong learners and productive, responsible citizens.

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The Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy is steeped in a proud tradition of providing outstanding academic and technical education. Putnam's administration, faculty, staff and students work collaboratively to promote a school culture that fosters and supports the expectation of excellence among all our stakeholders, and, at the same time, respects diversity.

Additionally, the Putnam Community acknowledges that learning is a lifelong process. We are committed to ensuring that students receive the academic and technical skills necessary to continue their education; secure gainful employment; or pursue both in the global marketplace.

Providing our students with college and career readiness options is the cornerstone of our outstanding academic and vocational programs. To that end, our rigorous academic curricula are aligned to state standards across all content areas, and our Career and Technical Education courses continuously reflect prevailing
industry standards. Moreover, all our programs are enhanced and supported by partnerships with parents and families; other educational institutions, local industry, and the community at large.

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1300 State Street Springfield, MA 01109


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