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Students in Horticulture are trained in Landscape Maintenance, Floriculture, Arboriculture and Greenhouse Maintenance.  They are also introduced to Landscape Design, Turf management and Natural Resource and Parks Management.  Students are trained for entrance into the workforce and are strongly encouraged to continue training at a two or four year college.  Students learn about plant requirements, plant propagation, cultural practices to maintain existing plants, employability skills and how to manage a small business.  In addition, students receive a hands-on training in landscape equipment operation and maintenance, tree climbing techniques and procedures, and greenhouse operations and management.

Students work on campus as well as the grounds of other Springfield schools and on private residencies in the Springfield metropolitan area.
Depending on teacher assignments students in grades 10-11 will study one of three concentrations: Arboriculture, Landscaping, or Floriculture/Greenhouse Management.  Arboriculture is the study of woody plant care and primarily tree maintenance.   Arboriculture students will learn chainsaw safety and operations as well as tree climbing safety and operations.  Once students are proficient, they will begin doing live tree work in the Springfield area.  Students in Landscaping will focus heavily on grounds and turf maintenance.  These students will also use a wide range of equipment from a leaf blower to a ride on lawn mower. 

Floriculture/Greenhouse Maintenance students will be working mostly indoors and will learn the practice and principles of flower arranging and maintaining our new state-of-the-art greenhouse. 

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